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Where do I start?

12/25/2021 - A dab of christmas

I'm unvaccinated. I'm fine. If you're vaccinated and reading this then you're probably fine too. Try to remember before the vaccine. Were people dropping like flies back then too? Am I saying that people didn't get sick? No. Can we agree that maybe it was overexaggerated? Rights trampled a bit? Actors / media? While I would like to argue that something is fishy (large pdf). People do get hurt (larger pdf). Maybe an agenda (small pdf)? Healthy athletes suddenly dying should SAY something. You would imagine training would strengthen the heart.

My parents think I'm crazy. My mom thinks I should listen to nature more. I should spend more time hearing the whispering of the trees. The whispers that tell me, "get vaccinated." That dang youtube! Rotting my brain! I should listen to the news more often. The news is not controlled by anyone. I can trust corporations. The trees tell me so.

I can post detailed research and cite those pushing it but what more (pdf) can I do? My Home page has the main juicy stuff anyways with this documentary (not Netflix, sorry, not sorry) explaining everything. Hence the header, where can I start excluding pcr tests?

Let's start with Christmas as it is Christmas. Why do we celebrate it? Mainstream/General Norms would tell me it's to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and wrap it with the promise of gifts: santa. Santa would be the bridge between those who believe in Jesus Christ and those who don't so that we can all share a common tradition. Disregarding whether that is true or not: what's the first thing we tell our children? That santa is real. At a young age, we lie to our children.

But, it's ok to lie about it! It's tradition and it's for their own good. Don't want to destory that childhood innocence. Everyone knows NOT to tell those children the truth otherwise people including their parents would be really irritated. Don't want to break their heart... even if it's setup to break their heart... It's perspective. It's weird how everyone knows not to break that tradition. At a young age, we're lead to uphold traditions or in this case, lies. Defend that lie at all cost.

Ok. Time to stop being the party pooper. Do you see the connection? If everyone believes the lie, the lie becomes the truth. If you're naive, you will uphold and defend that lie despite percussion. Expose the lie to those fooled and you're treated like the bad guy who ruined their Christmas. If you have power backing you up, you can even be the one persecuting. Those who do persecute tend to do it out of delight. I guess it would be a better reason than to do it because of the crab in the bucket mentality.

I don't want to make this too long. My main takeaway is regardless how big a lie is, a lie is lie. Many people (including myself) would like to believe that a lie so big cannot be a lie. Someone would had ripped that to a million pieces. The thing is that the majority of people support this lie with the media and government backing it up. Ignorance, apathy, pride play a key part as well. We vs them mentality. If I'm not with you, I'm against you. I'm trying to help you. I'm just some nerd wasting his time trying to show you the other side of the argument.

People doing their jobs (respectful)
Truth on Fauci (free book), keep in mind that if it's slander... There would've have a huge lawsuit.

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12/29/2021 - Is it too late?

I should've acted a lot sooner and made post about this before the vaccine came out. Better late than never? The sad truth is that it doesn't matter. You most likely already came to your conclusion. Peers, Losing livelihood, getting back freedoms (let me know if complying works) has a much stronger influence than people trying to spread the truth. Do I know the long-term effects of the vaccine? No. Do I believe that just because you took the shot you should continue to get boosters? Absolutely not.

Would I discriminate against you because you were vaxxed? No. I might give a little hard time at first but, nothing serious.

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