Most memorable dream

Disclaimer: No, I didn’t see anything distinguishable to compare to future and current events. Example: New York being flooded. No, it wasn’t a dream of me being ruptured or anything that can be viewed in a positive outlet. If anything, it’ll be the opposite. It doesn’t follow the sequence of revelations.

Context: I don’t know when I had this dream. It was this earlier this year (2021) and the only person I told was my wife. I was browsing through TikTok and I saw a couple of TikToks with the Lord passing wisdom to them. I’ll probably make a video section just for TikToks but, their dreams are vastly different compared to mine. I figured I’ll share my personal dream.

My dream started with me outside with a group of people at a party? I didn’t recognize any of them. We saw something falling that looks like a meteor (See Note below). I was laughing hysterically saying that it’s wormwood and that it’s finally time. Everyone was shocked. I don’t recall it actually crashing somewhere. Biggest impression was that it was in the sky.

I don’t know how much time has passed from that point. All I know is that I traveled a lot starting from that day. The group I traveled with was usually different. We were trying to survive. I think people were really back-stabby? I don’t know why the groups were typically different. I was miserable. I don’t know if that misery was due to people being raptured and me being left behind. I don’t remember actually seeing people being raptured. I guess I knew that some people were gone? I’m not really sure why but I wanted to kill myself. I was devastated. I think I tried killing myself a couple of times with no success. Wounds would heal but it wasn’t immediate. You just had to deal with the pain until it healed.

Some more time passed and the dead was raised. I was alone at this time and the dead walked through a city. I was on my knees begging for death and they kept walking ignoring me. I broke down on the street crying once I realized that it was futile. Not sure how I got to the city.

Some more time passed and I was traveling with a different group of people. We saw a city filled with children going to school. It looked like the world didn’t end. It looked really nice. The people’s dresses and clothes were well cleaned. They lived on without a care of what was happening. All I knew was that I couldn’t talk to them or go over there.

Some more time passed and we were around a camp fire eating. Different group but one woman stood out. They were either being optimistic about end times or blaspheming God. I told them to stop deluding themselves and got into an argument. It ended up with her mounting me on the ground and beating me to a bloody pulp. I was crying and laughing in my own blood with my KJV Bible near my side. I clearly remember that that Bible was the one that I owned. When I woke up, I even went and checked if they were the same which they were. Anyways, I woke up after that group left. I woke up with the feelings that is expected if that actually did happen to me. One of the only dreams that I have strong feelings for. Three events stick out to me. Wormwood falling, the dead walking through the streets, and my Bible at the end.

Well, that’s it. I don’t consider it a prophetic dream. Not something I should preach or anything crazy. I don’t reflect on it too much when it comes to denying myself. I look back on the NT and Jesus Christ for that.

Note: Wintertodt. I played OSRS for most of my teenage years and a a little as an adult when the servers came back up. I could be mentally filling in the blanks.