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The Armor of God
Biblical Jesus Christ vs Modern
Religion Controls us (irony)
Look at this miserable slave (irony)
Ephesians 6:12
Works and Faith
The Good Shepherd
Don't judge me*
Difference between Muslims and Christians*
Comic 1*
Comic 2*
Comic 3*
Comic 4*
Comic 5*
Comic 6*
Comic 7*
Comic 8*
Comic 9*


Brave New World vs 1984
Conspic Theorist
1A - twitter (don't use social media)
Who to question
Brave New World vs 1984 v2
Flow of Information
Immune to 'flow of information'
Cigs are good (irony)
Interesting connections
I'll take the animal wrap
All these steps
Prepare for the end
Unable to reason
Unable to show
But the show scrubs...
Medical system back in the day
The Human Soul

'Current Events'

All time low
So you hate the rich?
Simpsons and virus
Why haven't you?
I guess I'm high risk
Stop being so selfish
Let's have a protest
Lol, this is popular
I think you're being paranoid
The numbers say...
Honor system
Trust me, I have a lab coat
Recency Bias

satanic examples (SFW)

youtube and 'censorship'
Strange initiation
What topics are safe?
Signs and Symbols

Interesting Stuff

Shopping Cart
Me too
Cognitive Dissonance
Absolutely subversive
No, thank you
Chicken tendies?
The Nocebo Effect
Deserves to be destroyed?
Two sides of the same coin*
City Life*
Not brainwashed*

Interesting Comments

Observation by a ordinary person
The answer is not in science
Control the past
I personally used Mississippi's when I used to play hide and seek as a child
Michael Jackson
The Shift
Control the past pt 2
The Abnormal
The Abnormal pt 2
The Bible
The Bible pt 2


Fetal Tissue
Distance between two objects
Predictive programming pt 1
Porn is bad
Free is not free
Rollercoasters are fun
Good point
Fluoride from distiller?

Weird proportions

Long arms
Long Fingers pt 1
Long Fingers pt 2