Christian (Inwork)

I had to upload some videos onto bitchute as it was taken off his channel. Even if you don't believe in my God, you can still take something away from the "Introduction"


Long range of topics excluding main ones that I have designated pages for. Can have profanity.
  • George Carlin - The American Dream. My personal realization on what the American dream truly is. Can lead you to think about how the monetary system works, taxes, IRS or a fun topic that is the Maritime Laws. Purpose on taxes. Think about any 'services' provided by the government. Quick to take, months to be considered for compensation.
  • Mr Jones Plantation. Thought-provoking analogy on how society runs. It's really the changing of terms/words. A grand illusion to paint a better picture. When have you ever heard a salesman openly describing their scam as bad?