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Refreshing point of view on the Bible. I like their website a lot.

Hans Wormhat website. He has a strong understanding of the bible which I really enjoy listening to. If you visit him, the websites that he recommends are good as well. I took his blog post format. I can change it if he has a problem with it. Covers others topics as well.

She often shows up in Han's videos. I ripped off her color schemes. The dates are still on my website as a template lol (random subjects). Her website is more of the 4chan type of flavor. I tried going on 4chan before and I don't know how she was able to find like-minded people. Good stuff.

Reminds me when SITK mentioned that webrings needs to come back. Blog post formats over the Bible (haven't read any yet). Wide variety of stuff.

I used his post in one of my Bible post entries. I liked his article on how he found Jesus. I believe that the morning star is lucifer. Jesus Christ is the light itself (not bringing it aka bearer of light). Excerpt from dustoffthebible

"Jesus did not refer to him as the Morning Star or the Day Star but he did make a clear reference to the Day Star which is really the same thing. In the Greek he said “ὁ ἀστὴρ ὁ λαμπρός, ὁ πρωϊνός” which means “the bright star of the morning.” Jesus is making a statement. HE is the bringer of light. HE is the promised messiah. HE is the root of Jessie. HE is the God of gods. The alpha and omega (Rev 22:13). He is the high god. He wasn’t saying that he was literally the morning star. It’s a metaphorical reference.
This is not a foreign concept. In Revelation and all the writings of John, Jesus uses many allusions to refer to himself. He is the door, the bread of life, the good shepherd, the resurrection, the vine, the way the truth and the life, and the light of the world."

I like to give the benefit of the doubt as I don't know him personally. I'll let you use your own judgement. He did show me the patent for the vaccine and I found his story interesting.

Seems like he/she was inspired by Hans Wormhat or SITK. I liked the GenderMarkers section.


I found his website off the popular or most views on neocities main website. I looked at his website out of curiousity. It wasn't bad. I liked his COVID report. It might be good for those who worship science religiously and only takes the word of 'professionals'. Leans towards the programming side.

My personal favorite. Covers small bash scripts/linux command in a sticky note format.

Covers large range of programs and Linux. Haven't dug too deeply into it.

Exploring neocities and found this. Preserving the old flash.

Explains how mainstream websites, browsers, and programs are really spyware.

Shows different alternatives to mainstream programs. Breaks them down by category. Programs work well with Linux.

Seems like a good person with honest intentions to help people. Covers programming and other areas like finances and cooking.

Seems interesting. I see some interesting articles on her Linux side.

Didn't look into it but it looks cool.

Didn't look into it, under links has Luke Smith which has a CLI Bible. I haven't checked it out but sounds cool.

I just like

I just like it. Yotsuba manga is wholesome.

Her parents put her on medication when she was young. She's now dealing with a lot of shills. She seems cool.

Huge index on topics that I used to look at when I first started browsing through the internet or at least very similar to that website. I grabbed some stuff from their vaccine section and browsed through their medicine.

Long list of useful sites that I recommend. At the very least there's list of free books websites. Long range of topics.

No real reason, I like the design of their website. I'm not into legal practices at all. I ended up taking the design of it.

I just like it. I liked his blog on boomer hate and school loans.

Opposite POV

I like to hear opposite POVs. That's how you test your faith. It seems hypocritical for me to have a circlejerk of my own ideas or with ONLY people that I like. Who cares about PR (Personal Relations). That's for corporations to care about...

Websites I DON'T like
Shows what we're talking about with 'them'.

Look at the homepage. Found it browsing neocities. If you don't want to click. Orange and blood-red background phasing in and out. One eye blinking going back and forth. Creepy.

Don't look at the homepage. Found it browsing neocities. Creepy with creepy music. Hearts are beating around the website. Eye in the middle moving up and down. "What you will see is something very, very wonderful."