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Offline Links

OFFLINE (no longer up).
PDFs that I have archived. I didn't screen through all comments for PDFs.

-> Similar atheist story (I like it)
-> Society and conspic (I like it)
-> Churches nowadays (I like it)
-> Don't doubt yourself too much (I like it)
-> Opionions on anything that matters (I like it)
-> Nukes and other good stuff (I like it)
-> Working with your hands (I like it)
-> It has been planned for a while (I like it)
-> Hospital staff take on vaccines (I like it)
-> Thoughts and isolation (I like it)
-> Bible and Flat Earth (didn't screen through)
-> Gravity
-> Medical Error is the 3rd leading cause of death
-> Autism and Vaccines
-> 'Science' and Vaccines
-> Sandy Hook
-> College props up government (fed)
-> Artifical Scarcity - Hospitals
-> Cancer
-> Mind Control and satanism
-> Talking heads
-> Doctor's take on vaccines
-> SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
-> Coverage on controversy
-> Vaccine Liability
-> Personal Relations - Hypocrite
-> Talking heads
-> Aluminum and Vaccines
-> Are Vaccines worth it?
-> Herd immunity vaccine
-> Big Four Companies
-> Extremely LONG Detailed Description on Vaccines

Active Links

ONLINE (Still active)
Links or PDFs that I have archived.

-> Circle of Mamas (Vaccines, good for people who need 'official' information)
-> Christians for Truth (COVID-19, good for people who need 'official' information)
-> crptogon (COVID-19, Seems like it's heading that way (military).)
-> Face diapers, (COVID-19, Funny article on why to question stuff sidenote: does mention 33.)
-> NCBI, medical article ('Vampires', drinking young blood.)
-> Movie Caroline MK Ultra - vigilantcitizen
-> 4chan - Power rangers is a... pt 1
-> 4chan - Power rangers is a... pt 2
-> End times blog - Patches
-> star of remphan - interesting connection to saul (Quora)
-> Reddit - Vaccines
-> - Vampires