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4/18/2021 - COVID Rant (Long Read)

TLDR; (Too Long, Didn't Read)
Covid is not a pandemic. Excluding a few individuals, everybody got over it just fine if they did get sick. People are really weak-willed, quick to comply for comfort/security. The only ‘pandemic’ is the rules that the government/state put into place as well as the new forced ‘norms’ (masks). It gives the illusion that there’s really a pandemic. That’s why they’re really cracking down on ‘disinformation’. Their goal is to have a vast majority of people believe the lie to force the minority to believe by tormenting the minority (what I’m going through). I’ll put aside Covid not being the flu.

I try live my life just as I did before. I do think a lot of people (tares typically) want attention and have to put up the act for something in return. I think Facebook was created for that need for validation (likes). That return could be anything be it money or virtue points. Pride just keeps it up and running. There’s also delusion on a massive scale backing them up. Media, witches, satanists, whatever entity (TPTB) gets something out of this. It could all be a joke with water in vaccines, but, I PERSONALLY (my opinion) disagree.

Vaccines in general are bad. The idea on putting something foreign straight into someone’s blood should raise some red flags. The soul is in the blood. The heart is emphasized in the Bible. The media just props up the brain and spinal cord. I remember when drinking ‘young blood’ was the new thing. The medical institution’s new ‘fetal cells’ (early 2000s). Young blood was introduced around 2016, it’s not too old of an idea but was practiced since Biblical days. Old books do reference it and contracts with the devil are made in blood. The Bible mentions what we call ‘vampires’. They hit up the military and schools for blood all the time. Is there really that much demand for blood from accidents that require them? People donate their blood for free as well. I’m on board with the vaccine not being the mark of the best yet but, should be treated as such.

I would imagine a pandemic based on movies/works of fiction would have people dying left and right. I don’t watch TV nor care about politics. If you look for yourself and take away all the annoying distractions...do you see your CLOSE family getting severely sick? I put close because, if you don’t know a person then it’s easier to go off of word of mouth. Those are typically lies... Rumors are what bring down most men. You don’t have to do anything, as long as most people around you believe that what’s you did. If they believe it, you’re guilty. Most people’s perceptions are built around media and lies anyway. Really crazy how faith can blind people. Too bad their faith is in a false god. (Already predicting people wondering if my God is the True God.)

Science. Science is all smoke and mirrors. Science shows that people have a 99.8 (might be off a .1) survival rate but, it’s scary because reasons. Insert media. I think of the media as this (Youtube - The Onion). People worship science which I can somewhat understand. People go through how many years of schooling of studying/brainwashing to get their high-school degrees? Now add college. It’s a real shame that parents themselves don’t know how to teach their children essential things worth knowing. Most people in the field know that college doesn’t prepare anybody for their actual jobs. It’s an inside joke...

That’s all for my rant. I’m just being pressured into the vaccine and it’s getting annoying. Everything about covid is annoying. I was going to type this up like ‘school’ work but, it’s just rubbish. Mostly everything I learned from school was rubbish. I learned how to type from work... I’m just...tired of everything. No, I’m not depressed or anything crazy.

3/20/2021 - Rambling on 'current event' vacx

Below (last post) I talked about a lot of people being reluctant about taking the vacx as the mainstream media is really pushing it. The company made a minor inconvenience for those who haven't took it and people lined up for their shots. As of right now, easily more than half our company took their shots due to this. It's crazy how easily people's faiths crumble as soon you bring a little bit of 'free' cash into the mix...

Small related note, I was talking to one of the staff and he even acknowledged that they'll probably make it mandatory to work there. It seems that he knows it'll most likely become a prerequiste to buy or sell in general. I don't get it. People acknowledge corruption and see something bigger at play but they willingly go along with it even when the answer 'no' has no real penalty yet.

2/05/2021 - "Giant Clit" plus rambling a bit

**Update** 2/15/2020
I was talking to someone about camel toes and turns out there are panties for men/crossdressers on Amazon. You can see in the 'Customers who viewed this item also viewed' section that there are some crazy underwear padding. There has to be some big underground demand for this. Amazon product and comment.

Have you ever heard of the expression, "giant clit"? I haven't. I sometimes go through reddit's roast me section ever once in a while. I'll be trying to go to sleep and I'll occasionly check to see what's posted. For the most part, it's not funny. The interesting ones are the ones that call out people. The one that really resonates with you. I'll provide what I'm thinking about later. Reddit (very small section or one comment out of hundreds) and some obscure places are where you have to go and even then it's a pain to find those places.

People outside don't bring up interesting topics. It's either stocks, work, daily struggles (wide range), or whatever's a hot topic. Whenever I bring up an 'unacceptable' topic I usually get ignored. I usually bring those topics every once in a while, it's more often nowadays. To my surprise, people started being more open with me away from the group and rarely in the group. People for the most part are against the vaccine to my surprise. We even had an email sent out how displeased the company was about our "reluctance". Think about the children! Evil ideas have to be PRESENTED as evil. If I say it's good, then it's good right? Yeah right, the worse things that I encountered in my life were presented as 'amazing' and will only benefit me. I only ever hear pyschos say it's for 'your own good'. Most honest people will introduce the idea and help you through it. It's more open-ended. You can feel that they're being genuine. They won't force it and are understanding if you're unsure. Most of the people against the vaccine still believe the plandemic is real though.

Anyways back on topic. I was looking for some funny memes and the 'chans' usually has some oddball funny ones. The chans are also known for having disgusting stuff. I happened to come across a video of a hermaphrodite. Lo and behold, they had a micro instead of a clit. It looked like a 'giant clit'. I remember hearing stories of 'dudes' accidently having sex with them. It's on purpose. Now I know better. I investigated even further and found that there's a subreddit dedicated to giant clits with 106k members. There are pictures posted there and they're the EXACT same as the ones I found on 4chan. I think it makes sense that it turns out like that. Most of the nerves for men are on the head of the penis and all the nerves on the women are in the clitoris. I'm not going to post the video and I'll work on 'censoring' it if you hover your mouse over the picture of it. I'm assuming it's similar to wigs and moon bumps. You never hear about it. There's two guys that I remember whose hair were really soft and manageable. It always looked like the exact same despite a month passing. I mean, who can you talk to about it? I'll edit this later and include pictures once I figure that out.

My own assumption is that it happens in utero. While I do think it's a man in utero being flipped... I believe it's more spiritual than that. People say it's a marking of their father but a marking should be more outward, visible (yes, technically it's visible. Not what I meant). I'm not too happy with that answer. I don't think we should use this fact alone to test their spirits. The old fashion method still holds true. Realistically, a person wouldn't just go ahead and measure their clits for a person they met or want to look at their clit. People say check the skeleton which I do agree with but, sometimes they disguise it really well. I met some good dudes without an Adam's apple. IDK how to explain it. People talk big online but are still respectful outside? I personally care that it's being hidden. Why is it being hidden?

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Personal Observations (Outside)

2/22/2021 - Money is the root of all evil pt 2

I know some people who pop medicine on a daily. A LOT of medicine. I put an amazon link to show what people commonly use. For people who have diabetes, they have to gobble a handful of pills everyday. It's absurd. They know they're slaves to their medicine but at that point their systems are utterly dependent on it. They'll complain like they know better but if you ask deeper, they still believe wholeheartedly in the system. All of them are severly depressed and have to talk to professionals. You can repeat what a professional might say but, doesn't matter. You don't have a piece of paper. If you go to someone's house, they usually have a medicine cabinent as well. People who do drugs which includes cigerates are usually depressed or angry.

I think most people know by now that the medical instituion are there to make a buck. They openly publish that they make hundreds of billions in profit. I'll make a thread about the satanic connections to medical establishment later.

I'll most likely delete this later.

2/21/2021 - Money is the root of all evil

I hate how money controls people. I hate how it's used to control me and still is to a certain extent. I hate how people get when it comes to money. I hate that look in people's eye's when a 'business opportunity' arises. I just hate it.

I used to help my buddy with small time jobs. He was struggling with cash and when he was done with his day job, he would do these small time jobs. These jobs were pretty simple. Fixing a gate, putting concrete, staining concrete, fixing lights, basically handyman's work. Some of them are simple like fixing a gate (all we had to do was put new nails and shave off the edges). They sound simple but I bring up concrete twice because, that's what we usually get paid to do. If you ever worked with concrete, it's awful. It's a hard job that not a lot of people know how to nor want to do. Keep in mind that's just the two of us. My buddy would do most of the jobs on his own as well and it's worse for him because he's pretty old. One concrete job had us shovel 5 inches of dirt from someone's front yard. It doesn't sound bad if it's a spot but, this was half someone's yard. We also had to wheelbarrow the dirt pretty far. Lots of running and digging. There's a lot of dirt for just 5 inches. A LOT of time goes into doing a good job. Some jobs ranged from easy to hard and a good chunk of them were hard.

I bring this up because you get to see how people are with their money when there isn't a 'business/corporation' legally backing it up. We did our jobs via gentleman's agreements. We charged them the supplies via receipts and the hours. My buddy charged $25 an hour. Let's say for example a gate: we would buy the wood using our money and give them an estimate on how long it was going to take. The wood costs $120 and it'll be a 3 hour job so it'll be $195 in total. Everybody that we did business with will always cut us short. I jumped on board on the later half but my buddy did it for longer than a year and I want to say for a couple of years. We get to see people for what they truly are. It reminds me a lot of the litmus test with the shopping cart (gallery, under stuff I find interesting).

I brought up the concrete job because that's a job that I'm proud of despite my buddy doing most of the work. I just did most of the labor. Most of our business comes from people that we work with at our day jobs and recommendations by them (after they see our results). We know our clients pretty well except who our clients recommend but you tend to get a feel of them after the interview where we check if we want to even take the job. Our client in question was pretty well off they did something alongside real estate and had parties in their backyard a lot. There were rumours about her husband but, I might address that later as that's something else. Their place is really nice, really luxurious. Money shouldn't be a big issue but, they're the worst people to do jobs for. People with a lot of 'wealth' are really stingy with their money. I say that but people are usually stingy. Even the people who brag are somewhat stingy with their cash. They would do underhand stuff. They would offer you water and tell you to take a break and once you start calcuting the hours, they will use that to rip off a lot of hours. They'll say the job was bad and they will refuse to pay even after they said they were pleased (bad job remark is ALWAYS the last step). They said they couldn't afford it and only pay for the supplies. Some will outright just kick us out. They would watch us work too sometimes to make sure we weren't slacking off too much. They SAW the work, they see the amount of work that gets put into it. It's never enough. We had to settle with an A/C unit and some cash from that job I believe. I'll have to talk to my buddy about the payment. I just helped him to learn the handyman aspect of the job because my dad never taught me. I would only take the food and maybe some cash because he felt bad sometimes if I didn't.

Most people put up an act. The act of generousity. Touch their wallet a bit and see how quickly that goes away. I have a ton more stories like this when we did these jobs. I also have some woodwork stories and I can talk about those clients as well.

1/31/2021 - Observations around work

It's really weird that a lot of guys I see don't have an Adam's Apple once I started paying attention. It's really disturbing once you realize that they are typically the one's to say the Lord's name in vain. There are a couple of 'guys' who are good and honest from what I see. I'm not going to shun or treat them differently just because they might not really be men. I'm not really good at telling who/who apart anyways. Obvious ones like Hollywood are... obvious. I don't really examine the features but you can get a general sense of it somewhat. Something feels off. I personally just look a bit closer at what they do and how they react to certain situations.

I live my daily life and notice small things. I have a job like everybody else. I'm not special where I can NOT work. My field is tough for everybody. You get a goooood feel of people when they're stressed. If you show a little interest into someone, they'll spill whatever they're thinking. Sometimes you don't even need to show interest, they'll just want to brag. I see little things like...

1) Throwing signs so quick that I doubt whether I saw them in the first place.
2) Hear crazy unrealistic stories like how their dad's uncle was a Vietnam Vet who was a pastor and is batshit crazy inside (didn't really pay attention).
3) Throwing 'devil horns' instead of 'peace sign' for two. Usually that's the only number that they'll throw up.
4) Take my opinions personal when it has nothing to do with them.
5) Ignore things completely, looks like they couldn't hear me even when I repeat it.
6) Etc...

For the last two bullet points, I do want to explain more in depth.
I told her that Ellen 'degenerate' was a man. I told her the features on why I thought she was and she got offended and thought that I was referring to her man hands. I wasn't looking at her hands at all. I tried showing her 'Big Michael' as 'she' has obvious man hands (in my eyes) in hopes to calm her down. I might've made it worse. She seems like a good person so I didn't even bother looking into her skeleton.

The one situation that I was thinking of was about chemtrails. It's really obvious that there's chemtails. Sometimes they'll even have a chemtrail and a contrail in view. One goes away quickly and the other lasts for hours. I guess people view it as controversial still. All I did was point out that there was a line of chemtrail. Completely ignored. I got the feeling that I shouldn't repeat myself or they'll do something. Maybe it has something to do with the quote that people wouldn't believe anything until it's shown on the TV? I do get vibes that people are really NPC's or 'P-zombies'. I forget that I think a lot differently compared to most people where they HAVE to hear it from a professional/authority.

For my last point, I work with a man with an Adam's Apple and is extremely skinny and tall. He is a honest and hard-working dude. I haven't worked with him for very long but, he set a good first impression.

Spiritual Thoughts

2/12/2021 - Isolation and New-Ageism ramblings

There's a Retconned thread talking about this (not diving into new-ageism) but similar. Some good comments, and I'll have screenshots below that stick out. Thread.
I also want to clarify that this disconnect is what brought us to Jesus Christ usually.

Are the ones who buy New-Ageism happy? The ones who do yoga, who typically spend a lot of money (that they don't have) whose 'faith' is built on shaky foundation. Are they happy? A gentle breeze and their 'faith' comes falling down. I did a simple search and found it connected to freemasonry, occult (ritual magic), and gnosticism. Their personality are all the same. Egotistical, virtue-signaling, 'yasss-girl', and never deviating from the crowd. They need the tv. They need attention. I never understood it.

Sometimes my mind would drift and I would think about high school. It's been a while for me (old man status) and I would wonder what would happen if I was accepted by my peers. What would happen if I wasn't a loser? I mentioned that I wasn't the brightest tool in the shed. I had a low GPA. Almost all F's. I didn't care for school. That wouldn't be the complete truth. I was bad at everything. No point in trying was my mindset. Bare minimum was good enough for me. A high school diploma is all you need if you didn't plan on going to college. It's funny now that I think about it. The 'nerdy' kids craved attention and used me as somebody to take their frustrations on and to brag to. They had a real inferiority complex. They were worse than the kids who were popular. At least the popular kids had to pretend that they were virtuous and you didn't see them when they were away from the spotlight. I saw the nerdy kids cry in frustration that they weren't like the cool kids. A real pity party. They don't change either. I bet they're still the same even with their fancy papers (degrees) and 'new and improved life'. Fortunately I was able to find a group of friends who were similar to me eventually but the time before that was rough.

Back to the main point, how does that tie in with isolation and New-Ageism? Social groups doesn't matter. Backgrounds doesn't matter. We (people reading this) all are isolated in one way or another. If we weren't would we really be reading our bibles closly, trying to find what's wrong with us? Wrong with the world? Maybe, it's not us but how the system is constructed around us. New Ageism is built around people loved by the system. Anyone not conforming is rejected. But, are those loved by the system happy? They're miserable (please prove to me otherwise). I think if it wasn't for New-Ageism then they would self-destruct. They have to believe themselves as gods to escape how terrible they're being treated. Just like the nerds I described earlier, they need the system to recognize them or they'll throw a temper tandrum. They don't learn. They don't address the main problem, repeating the same script which is very much like a NPC. Maybe we should call new-ageism escaptism. I don't have any room to talk though. I don't consider myself any better than them. I'm pretty broke alongside them. I live a shabby life. I would say I'm a little better off than some people but it's whatever. I wouldn't consider myself happy either very much like those nerds. I'm getting hammered by that same system. At the very least, I have my faith. I pray that my faith holds true at judgment day. I'm just biding my time until then which doesn't seem long. Time is really going by faster. A year used to mean something. This isn't directed to anyone but hopefully it resonates with somebody.


Open Questions

2/14/2021 - Questions that I asked before without an answer

1) Hypnosis in Highschool
What was that about? I don't really remember but I believe in the junior or senior year of HS they'll put all the students in an auditorum and hypno select ones. They were usully popular 'kids' but they'll choose onesies and twosies. I found it really weird.


2/15/2021 - Story of the King and the Poisoned Well

I remember this story differently from the versions I found. I'm pretty sure I learnt this in school. It might be late middle school or early high school. It seems like this was never taught in school? Here are some differences compared to from what was taught to me. I don't remember witches poisoning the well. The story was short and it said that the well was poisoned and left it at that. The king had his own well and was able to isolate himself in the palace. He eventually drank from their well out of loneliness. The flow of the story that I know of is different from what was found online but similar. Let me know if there's something similar in the Bible. Original Link and story below.

There was once a wise king who ruled over a vast kingdom. He was feared for his might and loved for his wisdom. Now in the heart of the city, there was a well with pure and crystalline waters from which the king and all the inhabitants drank. When all were asleep, three witches entered the city and poured seven drops of a strange liquid into the well. They said that henceforth all who drink this water shall become mad.

The next day, all the people drank of the water, but not the king. And the people began to say, "The king is mad and has lost his reason. Look how strangely he behaves. We cannot be ruled by a madman, so he must be dethroned."

The king grew very fearful, for his subjects were preparing to rise against him. He had a difficult choice: risk being destroyed by his beloved subjects or drink from the poisoned well and become mad like them. So that evening, he ordered a golden goblet to be filled from the well, and he drank deeply. The next day, there was great rejoicing among the people, for their beloved king had finally regained his reason.

I think about this story a lot when I hear the insanity involving masks. I'm on board with the vaccine being the mark of the beast. Maybe because I heard this story when I was young, it just makes Relevation a lot easier to relate to. They both go hand to hand. The ones who won't take the mark of the beast will be treated like they went mad very similar to the king. It's something that I've been wanting to share for a while now. I guess I thought people heard this story in school like I did so there was no need to bring it up again. Turns out, no one really heard of it which is weird to me. Where did I hear it from?